Casio Inc. WK245 76-Key Touch Sensitive Keyboard with Power Supply


Slightly smaller than a full-sized electric piano or acoustic piano, the WK245, nonetheless, has some favourable features for piano students, especially given the low price. It’s also a favourite of those who play in bands or other ensembles because of the vast number of sounds it can produce and is enjoyed by composers looking for MIDI capabilities and onboard sampling.

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Features of this Casio Electric Keyboard

  • This Casio digital keyboard is touch sensitive, which is preferred by piano teachers over a piano that does not have this feature. The touch sensitivity feature attempts to mimic the feel of a traditional piano so it allows students to make the switch more easily when the time comes. Touch sensitivity on a digital piano also means students can play with more expression.
  • MIDI feature that allows easy connectivity to a Mac or PC.
  • 5-song/6-track recorder, ideal for composers and arrangers
  • 600 tones and 180 rhythms
  • AC adapter
  • The low price of this electronic piano will be attractive to those just starting out.


  • This Casio keyboard has 76 keys rather than the full 88 of a traditional piano.
  • The WK245 does not come with a stand or bench, which must be purchased separately.
  • This keyboard does not come with a sustain pedal but can accommodate one when purchased separately.
  • The fancy backlit display and abundance of sounds and rhythms could be distracting to young students.

Conclusion and score

This Casio WK245 review gives this keyboard a 3.5 out of 5. It earns a few points simply due to the fact that it has a touch sensitive keyboard. However, we find it to be rather “busy”, especially for a beginning student who could easily get caught up in playing with the various instrumental sounds and rhythms, the recording options, and more. It is also a bit shorter than an acoustic piano, with just 76 keys, though that shouldn’t be a huge deal until the student begins more advanced repertoire. Check Best Price.