Casio CGP-700BK 88-Key Digital Grand Piano


The cream of the crop of the newer Casio digital keyboards, the CGP-700BK digital grand includes lots of new technology that gives it both the sound and feel of a traditional grand piano. Just the push of one button provides the pianist with a brilliant grand piano sound and its sleek design makes it a nice addition to any home. It can also function as a stage piano, thanks to its many additional features.

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Features of this Casio Digital Piano

  • This Casio digital piano includes 88 full-sized keys.
  • There’s a dedicated button for grand piano sound as well as 500 other instrument tones
  • Casio’s Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer action makes the keys on this piano feel like the real thing. This helps students understand what it’s like to play an acoustic piano and will help with the transition to an acoustic when the time arrives. This is an essential feature on many piano teachers’ lists as playing technique is key from the start.
  • The reproduced textures of the ebony and ivory make the keys feel like a real piano.
  • The 6-speaker sound system emulates a 9-foot grand piano, making it ideal for a concert or recital hall.
  • The 5.3” Color Touch Screen Interface provides the latest in technology allows for easy navigation for those using the special features like instrument sounds and rhythm.
  • Easy connectivity to a PC, Mac, or iPad
  • Includes a 17-track MIDI recorder
  • It includes a wooden stand, so it functions as a piece of furniture.
  • Sustain pedal included
  • Weighs only 26 pounds


  • This piano boasts a good sound and is fun to play but the display and other features could be distracting to a young student
  • No bench is included

Conclusion and score

This Casio piano provides a lot of bang for the buck, coming in at a lower price than the company’s other “grand” pianos. We give it a 4.5 out of 5 thanks to its weighted and touch-sensitive keys, its dedicated button for grand piano sound (which makes it easy for students to find that sound without having to play with the touchscreen), its realistic-feeling keys, and its moderate price. It also looks good both in home or on a stage. Check best price.