Introduction to Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano

The Casio Privia PX-870 is considered the flagship of the company’s digital pianos. Featuring a furniture-style stand and bench, it is sturdy and stable but is compact enough to fit in smaller spaces that wouldn’t accommodate an acoustic piano. As one of the best in the Casio line, with a variety of features not found in other Casio keyboards, the Privia PX-870 offers the musician the “true grand piano experience.” Available in black or white, it boasts easy-to-use controls that are all located to the left of the 88-note keyboard.

Casio Privia PX-870 Features

  • Full keyboard with 88 fully-weighted keys, which simulate an acoustic piano. This is a feature preferred by piano teachers as it builds strength in the fingers.
  • Casio’s patented Tri-Sensor II Hammer Action allows for a depth of expression that many digital pianos lack. Three sensitivity levels are available and can be adjusted for the comfort and skill level of the student.
  • Simulated ebony and ivory keys give the Casio Privia PX-870 the authentic touch of an acoustic piano. Key action “noise” can be turned on or off.
  • A feature known as String Resonance mimics the harmonic relationships between the vibrating strings on an acoustic piano.
  • The “lid simulator” on the Privia PX-870 is adjustable to four positions as on a grand piano.
  • The standard 3 piano pedals are included.
  • A 4-speaker sound projection system fills the room with sound, making it ideal for large spaces when necessary, as for recitals.
  • A 2-track Midi recorder is included.
  • Duet Mode allows the teacher and student to play together on this Casio keyboard, splitting the piano into two equal pitch ranges.
  • Headphones are included.
  • An adjustable bench is available.


  • The cost of the Casio Privia PX-870 is the highest amongst the Casio digital pianos.
  • This keyboard includes 19 different instrument sounds besides piano, which can be fun to play with but distracting for the beginning student.
  • Assembly is required and the instructions can be unclear at times, according to many who’ve posted a Casio PX-870 review.

Conclusion and Score

This Casio Privia PX-870 review gives the instrument a 4.5 out of 5. This digital piano offers an excellent simulation of a grand piano, the full-size weighted keys are ideal for building strength in the fingers, and the excellent touch sensitivity system allows students to play with expression. The cost may be a bit prohibitive for some buyers.